A Flexible Anarchy

A Flexible Anarchy is an initiative that asks, in many ways, how can a sense of unity (no matter how partial and fragmented) be known if epistemology is a set of differential forces? Primarily developed throughout 2015 in Brooklyn.


Asystems is a collective and an initiative to connect and share music. Formed in 2013, Asystems is based in New York.

Cairn Desk

Cairn Desk Composition Front is exploring a wholistic approach to the presentation of musical work that does not shy away from demanding new/specific context thru experience. We make an effort to enable the practice of listening thru design. We work in spite of and against the hydrian industries of anxiety and consumption. Founded by David Grubba and Alec Sturgis.


Interviews and conversations within and by The Actual School community about the community.


Division was a monthly radio show and year-long residency by Asystems on NTS, an online radio station based in London with studios in Los Angeles, Shanghai and Manchester. The residency presented self-contained, project-based works premiered along a timeline from January, 2016 to December, 2016. The radio residency focused on the various approaches of three composers (Xander Seren, Nick James Scavo, and Arx) working each month to produce new compositions, both collaborative and solo.


Gatherings and meetings around a collection practice.


Music by Aaron Dowdy

Music Writing

Music writing, essays, interviews, and reviews by Nick James Scavo.

Oonse Oonse

Oonse Oonse is collective and music label releasing club music.

Relational Materialism in Cinema

A study of immanent fields of play. Rather than asking: from where does the image emerge? or to what does it refer? This initiative simply approaches the cinema’s screened surface.


Site focuses on location and place, as well as documentation strategies for gathering within them.

some rafts

An initative to support video work. “…with all that was left of the barricades, rafts could be built” –– Fernand Deligny