Closet Ecology

by Aaron Dowdy and John Garland Winn
Aug 1, 2017

“Closet Ecology” is a series of closet dramas and their mediated performances. Each performance selects and moves with particular features of a speculative ecology cut off from an assumed diegesis. There is no worlding beyond the frame. We do not walk through a world or space, we world with space. These performances, then, give ecological register to communities emerging out of the excavation of their own materiality: from hand-phone-orange-air-sweat, or ha-ph-ne-ora-ai-weat. Given that all channels and signals are of equivalent transduction, all performances and events are in indirect communication. Rather than an ecological drama that coheres toward narrative meaning-making, these ecologies are mediations of (un)worlding: fabulative ecologies founded with the network of signals emanating from every gap between ‘a’ and ‘b.’ These speculative dramas disclose a coming community through the emergence of waste as much as anything.