Practice Garden

by Alec Sturgis
Jan 1, 2017

Practice Garden is a means to access a critical impulse in a real, social way. By this I mean to elevate a conceptual sensibility so that it can function in your life transparently. This is a collection of critical imperatives that I felt/feel.

My intention is for this to be a multi-rational experience. This collection of elements and modules is organized to provide a large area of focus so that it can be a meditation on/between the material and provide an open space for clear thinking.

In dealing with certain dualisms of this disposition-template I use poetic/rational devices. DWNTWN is a representational heading for the misconception that the happenings within cultures/sub-cultures share universal taproots of definitions and functions.

While John Cage invoked the awareness of Silence, the qualifying rhetorical watermarks he built into many of his works reveal a misunderstanding of the immiscibility between the visionary and definitive elements with which he was in dialogue.

The action of accepting chance-based materials with regards to FASHION in composition is a motion towards liberation.

There is no special virtue in the relative complexities of ‘where something comes from’ as this act of defining is an issue of personal awareness and observation, not a traditional aspect of science or philosophy.

fully interacting with the amoral, dialectical mechanism of Fashion.

a disposition-template ——

balancing of meta-awarenesses with the multitude of material responsivities