Desert Installation

by Shane Parish
Dec 5, 2015

Desert Installation is a graphic score system created by Shane Parish in 2014. A recording was made in the lobby of Lipinsky Auditorium at UNC Asheville, NC. Fourteen musicians were involved, many of whom were regulars of a listening space called Apothecary.

An info-folio accompanies the recording, created at Cairn Desk, which is meant to provide visual and physical context for the recording. The piece is semi-improvisational; scene-diagrams are provided with duration cues and general stylistic instructions. The Scenes - and original idea for the piece - came from overhead views of irrigation circles from farms in the Southwestern USA, while flying between performances.

Shane performs nearly every day in Asheville as a jazz/experimental guitarist, and teaches guitar and composition. Most recognizably, he leads the collaborative project Ahleuchatistas.