by The Actual School
Jan 26, 2017

Withstand is a discourse that took place between Xander Seren, Ban Arx, and Nick James Scavo at 399 Hancock Street in Brooklyn, New York on January 26th, 2017. There was also a pre-recorded reading of essay notes by Alec Sturgis.

  1. The Generality of Anarchy by Aaron Dowdy. Excerpt: “I do not want to think of flexibility as anarchy able to be organized, or organization able to become anarchic. I don’t want to think of little anarchic objects, or little organized withstanders. I merely want to assert here a general theory of anarchy which is concerned with how something might flexibly withstand the anarchy of the material world. For Heliogablus, he played with the world: it was theatre. But it can be anything, for all that withstands withstands through anarchy.”

  2. Presentation of Henry Flynt Studies by Xander Seren

  3. Toward Nick James Scavo’s “Vorsch” by Alec Sturgis (read here)