Nick James Scavo

Nick James Scavo is a musician and writer based in New York City. His current area of musical focus is developing the musical style of “Necromanticism.” He works in various solo and collaborative projects with The Actual School, contributes regular reviews and essays to Tiny Mix Tapes, and has presented work with ‪‪MoMA PS1‬‬, Artists Space, The New Museum, Rhizome, Control Synthesizers and Electronic Devices, and in residence at NTS Radio. He has done institutional work with ISSUE Project Room, Blank Forms, Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center, and Empty Editions, Hong Kong. His recent published music includes “Vampyroteuthia” with Xander Seren, “Vorsch,” and numerous discrete works published in collaboration with Aaron Dowdy and Seren. His recent writing includes the essays “Traditional Music of a Wrecked Species: Dredging New Instruments Out of Bad Technology,” “A Musicology of Exhaustion” with Pat Bean, and “Against Worldbuilding: Fight The Snob Art of the Social Climbers!” He is also currently writing a preliminary treatise of a theory of music centered around an idiosyncratic conception of Wrath, edited by Alec Sturgis, to be published soon. Scavo is also a co-founder of the American Thumbological Society.