Allopatric Tern

by The Actual School
Mar 23, 2016

Allopatric Tern contains three twenty minute-long compositions each emphasizing a variation on the ubiquities of ambient music. The term Allopatric is derived from a mode of speciation (from the ancient Greek allos, “other” + Greek patris, “(father)land”). This speciation occurs when biological populations of the same species become isolated from each other to an extent that prevents or interferes with genetic interchange. Tern, concerning both “three” and the use of “turn” to describe a change in dominant thought (speculative turn, affective turn, etc.) is used to exaggerate a sense of creative isolation apparent in the three works and the process of making them. Allopatric Tern is, then, an approach to the friction within a genre of togetherness and shared interest — ambience (unification) — that demands a sense of isolation (difference).