by DeForrest Brown Jr.
Feb 25, 2016
  1. Dead

  2. Machinic dissolve

  3. Computation

  4. A kind of Playtime

  5. Conversation

Death is the immutable beginning of computation. Fissures of want line the surface of possibility; not a thing unspools in reference to operation. We begin as not.

Immensely entropic in design, both in its penchant for erratic disorder and in its re-stratification of the dissociative, the body mediates the modulated points of desire and work. Rest is the punctum of motion’s discourse in that the body must justify the fixed. Distress and anxiety surrounds labor.

Non-motion can be defined in regards to conclusion. Stillness is the end. The beginning in response enacts movement in its own pre-plotted ideals, motion has yet to be conceive or convinced.

The utterance of growth is stitched in computation. In the Spinozian way, bits collect to forms and circles back to reappraise. Reconciliation is prime with absolutism being the frame. Basic structure underlies text as sutured nuance stresses the process of editing. Curation of the body is determined by modification; want being the motivating factor.

Chasm as an online closed reciprocal of form denies the body of shape. To fill in is to correct error readying the body for its destined tasks. Exercise burdens the joints, but the investigative tourism of experience rewards. Stitched up compilations of missives restores order and provides the possibility of function.

With stoppage removed, the body hails free to legislate its surroundings. Motoric framework development employed in consideration of cosmetics reapplies the logic of self-design to the exterior. Proposing a mass engendering of pressurized intake, actions take on a curatorial role ordering the body’s steps in the collisions of tubular flows that betrays the potential for harmony. Again fissures spot the whole yet reflexive ensemble surgeries gesture at the microbic being conciliatory.

A kind of playtime is evoked in the venture to the conversion of sense. Lining the outside, the habits of the in convey a quality of emergence into conjuncture. Transmutation eulogizes repair. The route to thingliness is then in line with that of a coagulatory agent who complies and archives instances beyond assessment.

Discovery in inward experience networks a narrative. The reportage undergoes a dramatization. Transmitter and receiver positions are arranged, a type of organizing principle is applied. The body is defined both in opposition and in relation to a favored device. The device opens up extension. The locality of material, the pool from which the body pulls, widens.

Capable dancing amongst accounts of exchange crystallizes the body being without diminution or exception. Conversation can be equated to equidistant points involved in comprehension. Through linguistic communion the bodies elevate the procedure of sustaining themselves to sustaining their world.

Mimicry across echelons maintain the manner of matter. The bodies are rigid and repetitive wallowing in a spatial cycle akin to utter shock-cum-ecstasy amid relatable indecencies. Applications of reflexive repair consolidate and streamline the alacrity of modes comparable to transmission. Pointillistic design mechanisms structure the bodies in such a way that devices serve as identifying functions, both the sediment and the filter.

Macro- and micro- posture in synchrony. The parallax of gesture and usage depresses content; a tolerance is formed. The employment of inventory is reflective of a need to define. Premeditated labor wade memetic sludge, a deposit of virality. Cleansed connective tissue trustlessly distribute cases of chatter ensuring completion. Occurrence is the body’s prime and the conclusion.

Conversational play is death, machinic dissolve is inherent in computation.