by Nick James Scavo
Mar 7, 2014

Lucy originates in night music, in situations where the car becomes the stage for sin and feelings of invincibility—where the music bumps enough to impose further boldness and further recklessness. “Lucy” becomes the put-on muse which allows the standardized “feelings” of a relationship dialogue to become an adulterated soundtrack for flawed power dynamics.

Each concept-banger is packed with enough referential content to connote cultural anarchy, supported by equal doses of melodrama and ruthless vocal delivery. This lawlessness prompts the record to mock anything and everything from faux bad-boy angst to cheap introspection. There is also the “crew album” approach, as Lucy brings on the gamut of asystems artists only to appropriate their sounds, signatures, and ideas to the point where “the joke” might as well be on everyone, James included. The result is a digital-graffiti style act of desecration that spares no concept and no feeling.

Lucy presents the hedonism of the club, “the night gone wrong”—where there is no choice but to drive off after having h8ted on the whole vibe.

Written and recorded in the winter of 2013 / 2014 in Asheville & Raleigh, North Carolina.