@eBay with AFK

by sohsie LAN
Mar 7, 2014

@eBay optimizes the athletic, celebratory un-boxing achievement into procedural anxiety - chock full of feed chatter, cameos, and bytes trapped AFK. sohsie’s carefree energy is situated aside a processed, compressed tension that explores complex feelings of anticipation, fragmoretation, buyer’s remorse, neurosis, obsession, and iconography.

@eBay—a relentless information feed chock-full of perpetual commentary, economics, pornography, Art.

The record spirit surfs on club beats, uploaded and forced to athletically groove with celebrity features and chatter (1). Any sonic cameo is another byte trapped in the feed, processed like a GIF, forced to repeat itself ad nauseum (2). Here, content is endlessly compressed, an exercise that proves that even the most complex concept can be expressed completely with the right emoji (2).

The zip-mix is colored with samples of sohsie’s personal conversations with chat-room surfers, where he coaxes netizens to say anything that might contribute the “right” sentiment for a beat (3). His invitation brings them into a password-protected club simulation, where vibrant-hype fulfills second-life fantasies.

The constant net-speak can express anything from the pain of being AWAY FROM KEYBOARD to the anxiety of an e-shopper watching an un-boxing video with soaked palms. Ultimately, these personalities aren’t docile; instead, @EBAY gathers handfuls of them at a time, making sure to accurately take aim at each one (4).