by Æsc CPI
Mar 7, 2014

CE$$E introduces the virtual composer, an artist equally comfortable with both avant-chamber music and gorgeous cultural throw-up. This debut work from the CPI catalogue provokes audience by affirming twentieth century classical premises and gently dispatching them into the stream.

This composer outruns physical limitations of performer and instrument through the hyperreal use of Sibelius (link) midi playback. This pragmatic ‘ensemble’ offers an irreverent description of traditional Minimalist idioms and how they simultaneously support and oppress modern compositional practices. However, CPI avoids mere cultural commentary by aligning such idioms with a more holistic goal: to study ‘nature’ by enacting the role of conductor for rootless mechanisms in an organic counterpoint of environments and attitudes.

The compositions confront simulacra while focusing on new techniques, meditative processes, and human voice.

Materially, Internet and software-based audio trash coexist with constrained improvisations of players interacting IRL. Ultimately, CE$$E is a dualistic amalgam of attempts at critical discourse in the form of mantras: a positive Silence.