Net Label

by Aldi
Oct 7, 2014

Net Label and Aldi are intent on making this work. They seem to think there is a distinct divide between what is missing and what is there but overlooked. The two agree it probably has something to do with revealing emotion. The fountain never stops; they watch it as they think about this. A koan: if you listen to a fountain in a place of austere, pristine, objective finitude and then listen to the rain while outside drenched, mysteriously redolent and fully emotive, is there a difference? Net Label and Aldi think there is a gradient formed on top of small realities: a gradient formulated as a luxurious androgyny. Emotive experience, they decide, alienates neutrality. Both, after discussing it at length in front of the fountain, agree yet immediately miss that which they initially knew was missing: the fear and then confident decoy you earn at the top floor, swimming amidst infinity, the feel of water as something foreign and unreal, “going up” with the reverent knowingness of that return to the streets. What is the difference? The normality, Net Label and Aldi understand after struggling for what seems like a lifetime, is found not in the timidity of a momentary norm but in the day to day panic the norm ensues. They make up: “going down.” Rain. Fountain. Rain. Fountain.