by Shenzen
Oct 30, 2013

It might be best to consider Shenzen’s WORRI3D as the duo’s initial tech-start up—a kickoff meeting launching an ethos of immensity, alienated struggle and/or concern. From the get-go the listener is confronted with aggressive, clanging sonic tendencies and a disembodied voice that seems to out-to-kill. These accents reveal a progression, a power struggle “going down” in which Shenzen becomes obsessed with winning, acquiring, and monopolizing concepts for market.

These were the sorts of vices V.I.Ps sohsie LAN and Nick James initially sought to combat, or, shield themselves against. Yet, after tasting luxury the album starts coveting the capital-darkness, and begins to invest in larger power structures and grander high-rises where both characters can throw stronger shade.